happy poo the first

One of the very first crochet projects I took on (just after the blue bunny) was making the happy poo. It is a very simple amigurumi and a great way to learn and practice crocheting in a spiral and increase/decrease.
***EDIT*** found this great tutorial with vids and everything, for those wanting to learn the basics for crocheting amigurumi.
Since I was just practicing, I used a green yarn. I think this would make it more of an unhappy poo 😦 On top of that, my dog found it one day and decided it would be a better chew toy than crochet model.
When my friend Damian heard that I had made a yarn poo, he asked for one. So, when his birthday came around earlier this year, I produced a much happier poo. I sewed some yarn through the center to pull the top of the dollop down and squish the body a bit, to look more realistic, and added some eyes, which are not realistic at all…
happy poo two