My quilt recipients, inspecting and testing it out on their couch

Quilt Top

Hello – I know it’s been months. It’s been months since I’ve written here because I’ve been so busy! I’ve been busy crafting, living and working. I also decided to take a break from my commercial crafting ventures and focus on making things for friends and family. Since I work full time, I don’t have that much crafting time, and I wanted to be able to put friends and family first when it came to making stuff. It will take me a while to post pictures of the things I’ve made over the last 6 months or so, but here’s a start.

I’ve been working on this quilt since a few months before my friends’ wedding in August 2008. I picked the fabrics and chose a design, but it took me quite a while to get to cutting, and sewing (and picking apart and re-sewing). Eventually, I got some help making my quilt sandwich from friends during Quilt Sunday at the Workroom. I finally just finished the quilt over the long weekend and was able to give it to them yesterday! It was so nice to be able to finish such a big project and have it appreciated by my friends (even though it was 18 months late!)
Detail shots