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A weiner dog pillow, originally uploaded by moon angel.

My friend Heidi has an inordinate fondness for wiener dogs. I’ve made her one fun pillow with a wiener applique, and one amigurumi wiener buddy. In addition to the wieners she already had, she now considers her apartment “wiener infested.”

oh hai, i'm a wiener dog.

The pillow was made with some suiting fabric I got at a closing sale in a fabric shop on Spadina Ave, here in Toronto. I used a feather insert from Ikea. I drew the wiener shape in Illustrator, then printed it on 2-sided fusible interfacing. I loosely cut out the shape, then ironed it onto the teal printed cotton, then cut that fabric right on the outline of the wiener dog. This created a nice patch to iron onto the burgundy fabric. I zigzag stitched this in place with a teal embroidery thread, and sewed match button holes. I found that sewing the buttons on by hand was much more stable than doing it by machine, especially with this super slippery thread.

I crocheted the little dog based on a pattern I got on etsy, but I didn’t like the way the head looked or how it was attached to the body, so I kind of freestyle crocheted a head and body in one piece. I used really plush malabrigo yarn, but their skeins are a lot smaller than they look – especially for the price – so I had to use 2! (I think this is when I’m supposed to learn about skein weights and wraps-per-inch.) Amigurumi are usually crocheted with a much thinner yarn, but I like to improvise, and the colour of this yarn was too close to the real colour of Heidi’s favourite wiener colour that I couldn’t pass it up.

I enjoy contributing to Heidi’s wiener obsession, however I know she’d like to have a more grown-up look in her apartment so I’ll refrain from giving her any more (unless they are teeny-tiny?).

Some things to do for 2009 (not resolutions, I can never keep those!)

  1. I need to finish the secret project I started. It’s a gift for friends who were married this past August. My goal is to get it done well before their anniversary.
  2. Sew more. I’ve got two projects started (on top of the quilt project) – that is the birdie sling bag and the jj blouse from Burda. I’m off to a good start, as I finally made a skirt from an old pair of jeans this past weekend, a project that had been on my mental to-do list for ages.
  3. Finally put some of my work on etsy.
  4. Photograph my crafts before I give them away! I’m terrible at doing this. I didn’t take one single picture of the gifts I made for xmas.
  5. Train my dog not to bark when she is left alone. I’ve been working with a dog trainer for about a week and a half, and it’s tough! but the pay-off will be worth the work.  I’ll post updates on our progress.
  6. Read more.  I have a few books on my nightstand right now, I’ve started The Time-Traveller’s Wife, and my friend lent me Skinny legs and All.  That’s a good start.
  7. Get rid of my unfinished vintage rehab projects.  Start by finishing them, then get rid of them.

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