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good neighbour/bad neighbour

good neighbour/bad neighbour, originally uploaded by moon angel.

It’s true. I’ve taken a zillion (plus or minus a billion) photos in my life. I had supportive parents who allowed me to take photos with their film camera since I was about three years old. Maybe when I go home this summer I’ll dig around and find some of these old shots and scan them.
You can see on the right here <—– links to my flickr account. Right now the most recent photos are those I’ve taken of products for my etsy shop, but if you dig around, there are a few gems like this photo I took of a duplex on my old street, Palmerston. I was surprised to see it used as the photo for this article in Torontoist on loud neighbours.
Then, this photo was also used, but now I can’t find the link! I think it was used by the DesignExchange for some online thing…
toronto stock exchange
And this is one of my favourite most recent photos, a magnolia blossom.
a blossom

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