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So the wunderkind has returned from the Great White North… a while ago. The trip was great and since then so much has happened! I’ve got a new laptop, and although putting my photos on my computer is ridiculously quick with the SD card reader, it took a while for me to transfer my photos to flickr because our wireless didn’t really work and the days kept flying by.

Some highlights from my trip:



My Mom and Aunts

A big fish!
salmon collage

(yes, neighbourhood has a “u” in it when you live and spell in Canada)

So last week was super super busy! I finished moving, then there was Canada Day, then wedding prep for my friend’s wedding. I did manage to take some time for a photo stroll with a friend of the groom, Craig MacBride. Shortly afterward I put him to work helping me with wedding prep, scanning old photos of the bride for a slideshow.

There are some interesting things in my new hood.
front & back mack attack

Then Sunday I went to Trinity Bellwoods Park for a nice crafternoon, chatted and crocheted, and enjoyed some iced tea from tealish, which was nice and refreshing.
TCA in the park

It’s true. As a child I didn’t love all vegetables, there were some for which I had a particular disdain, like onions. Now I can’t say I LOVE onions, but I don’t hate them. As a vegetarian, I think it’s important for me to eat all vegetables.
Living here in the “South” – relatively anyway, I grew up in the Yukon – I relish going to farmer’s markets and buying super fresh produce and baked goods. I just moved to a new apartment in a new neighbourhood, and I’ll be close to the Sorauren Park Farmer’s Market, yay!
Now that the municipal workers strike is on, I won’t be dashing down to City Hall for the regular Wednesday Farmers Market. However, I went a few weeks ago and took some shots of delicious veggies in the bright sunlight.
Produce Rainbow
I apologize for the relative silence on this blog these days, but as some of you may know I moved and had a job interview and I’m helping my friend get a few things ready for her wedding this Friday.

There are probably many many weirder foods in Japan than what I’m showing here, and I did not photograph all the food I ate or saw (or wasn’t willing to eat!). However, I did really enjoy eating in Japan, and I think my favourite food of all was brown rice with gomashio. Oh wait, no there was also the miso vegetables that Mune’s grandfather made… and the Saba sashimi in Fukuoka… and and… oh it was all very delicious.

Least favourite food I ate – jellyfish.

I should have taken photos of all the novelty foods. Next time!

Food in Japan

By popular demand! actually only requested by Craig, but maybe others will appreciate my photos…
Since it is almost summer, I thought I’d remind us a bit of winter so we can appreciate the warm weather.
The next 2 are taken with the Lomo Fisheye camera, the first is in Toronto on Dovercourt Road, and the second is in the Yukon, at Jackson Lake just outside of Whitehorse.
Winter Houses on Dovercourt Road

doctors office view

good neighbour/bad neighbour

good neighbour/bad neighbour, originally uploaded by moon angel.

It’s true. I’ve taken a zillion (plus or minus a billion) photos in my life. I had supportive parents who allowed me to take photos with their film camera since I was about three years old. Maybe when I go home this summer I’ll dig around and find some of these old shots and scan them.
You can see on the right here <—– links to my flickr account. Right now the most recent photos are those I’ve taken of products for my etsy shop, but if you dig around, there are a few gems like this photo I took of a duplex on my old street, Palmerston. I was surprised to see it used as the photo for this article in Torontoist on loud neighbours.
Then, this photo was also used, but now I can’t find the link! I think it was used by the DesignExchange for some online thing…
toronto stock exchange
And this is one of my favourite most recent photos, a magnolia blossom.
a blossom

get your own lunar crafts

i made this

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